LibreOffice Interface Changes – Citrus UI

If there’s one thing Linux users know all too well is that LibreOffice is in need of a major interface overhaul! Fortunately, LibreOffice knows that too and they are working on an interface proposal, which includes a beautiful UI named Citrus.

One major change Citrus proposes is adding intuitive and contextual elements, such as a floating menu bar that hovers over highlighted text, providing only the formatting options available to such text. Overall, it has been very popular with the community and it seems to be headed in the right direction.
Seems like a good move for LibreOffice and the community is excited about the changes!
Source: ClickorTap

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  1. there is a good idea in this proposal but I prefer an interface that show LO power not hiding more option .

    MS Office for Mac is the way to learn from :

    clean design combine MS Office ribbon with Mac Design and show the power of the suite .

  2. I’m not a Linux user but I like the look of this interface, especially the floating style bar :)

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