Getting the Most Out of Your Wii (Firmware 4.3)


Hacking your Wii is nothing more than installing the Homebrew Channel to your Wii Menu, which allows you to install 3rd party channels. It is very similar to jailbreaking an Apple device and, likewise, voids your warranty since it violates the EULA. However, the Homebrew Channel can always be uninstalled, just like an Apple device can be restored to remove the softmod. What you do with the powers of the HBC is entirely up to you and, while the majority of its uses are legal, there are several illegal practices which I won’t get into here. In short, hacking your Wii by installing the HBC is legal and usually safe (although in rare cases your Wii can get bricked) but be careful how you use your newfound power.

Materials Needed

Installing the HBC

Step 1: Visit the LetterBomb website.
Step 2: Enter your information (menu version and MAC address) and make sure the “Bundle the HackMii Installer for me!” box is checked.
Step 3. Enter the captcha and click “Cut the red wire” or “Cut the blue wire” (it doesn’t matter which, they both do the same thing). This will download the necessary files.
Step 4: Unzip the files and place them in the root of your SD card.
Step 5: Place the SD card in the Wii and go to the Message Board.
Step 6: Search “Today” and “Yesterday” and look for a red envelope. If you don’t see it, keep traveling back in time.
Step 7: Click the red LetterBomb envelope and the contents will be installed.

Congratulations, you have just hacked your Wii! Now for the fun part…

Installing Apps and Channels

On the root of your SD card, make a folder called apps. The channels and apps you will download will all go in here. Your file structure will end up looking like this – E:\apps\APPNAME\APPCONTENTS

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